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10 year warranty*

Worcester 10 YEAR guarantee on all Greenstar CDi boiler fitted with a new Worcester Programmer and Worcester System Filter. 2 YEARS free servicing on boilers installed by Direct Gas until 31st December 2017.


Solar Heating

Proven renewable technology to provide you with total hot water comfort.

If your central heating system provides a store of hot water in a cylinder, Greenskies from Worcester installed by Direct Gas is very good news because it means you now have the opportunity to make significant savings on your water heating bills. Greenskies solar water heating can supply 50-70% of the hot water you use every year. The remaining portion of your hot water demand will be provided by your central heating boiler in the normal way. Installing Worcester Greenskies solar panels provides immediate savings on your fuel bills and major benefits to the environment. There are also special financial incentives available to you.

The myth about solar energy

Many people are under the common misconception that solar energy can only work in conditions of bright sunshine and high temperatures and is therefore unsuited to the British climate.

Greenskies solar panels operate on the principle of light absorption and are not dependent on high temperature or long spells of unbroken sunshine. A special coating on the absorber ensures that the system is effective even on cloudy days.

The benefits of installing Worcester Greenskies solar water heating

  • Sustainable energy: unlike energy produced by consuming and depleting the earth's deposits of fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal), solar energy works on the principle of harnessing freely-available radiation from the sun (which is only half way through its expected 10-billion-year life cycle).
  • Environmentally friendly: unlike fossil fuels, solar energy produces none of the effects of carbon dioxide emissions or other kinds of environmental damage. Furthermore, all materials used in the making of the Greenskies solar panels can be fully recycled.
  • Simple, clean, effective technology: Greenskies solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into heat, pumped directly into your hot water cylinder. The small amount of electricity used by the pump is your only running cost!
  • Proven technology: Greenskies solar systems are based on technology that has been working successfully in Europe for more than 20 years.
  • Very efficient: Greenskies solar glass has exceptional light-transmission values.
  • Suitable for any home: Greenskies can be installed on sloping and flat roofs.
  • You're in control: the Greenskies system includes a control, which enables you to set the hot water temperature you require with ease.
  • Easy to look after: Greenskies requires minimal maintenance, simply check the controls and fluid during your annual boiler service.
  • Worcester quality: Greenskies has all the builtin quality and reliability for which Worcester, part of the Bosch Group, is renowned.
  • Guarantee: Providing installation has been carried out by a Worcester accredited installer, Greenskies panels come with a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on other components.
solar heating solar heating

Greenskies Solar panel and Greenskies cylinder

Greenskies FKS solar panel and Greenskies FKT high performance solar panels can be complemented with Greenskies twin-coil hot water cylinders with capacities of between 180 and 300 litres.